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The Canine-Kid Connection offers training in three areas

Manners and obedience training for dogs and puppies to help you change pesky, annoying behaviors, such as barking, nipping, jumping up on people, counter surfing, and pulling on leash. As these behaviors change, you will see your dog become calmer and more attentive to you.

Training for families with dogs and children, offering training help, education, guidance and support in achieving and maintaining safe, calm, happy interactions between dogs and children, as well as evaluation of risk in troubled dog-child relationships.

Help preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby. You have planned for your new baby for months, but when the baby arrives, it is a complete surprise to your dog. His life will change dramatically, and if he's not well prepared, those changes can be upsetting for him and difficult for you to handle, especially with a new baby or child in the family. Help from a dog trainer experienced in working with dogs and children will show you how to prepare your dog and promote a healthy, positive transition for the whole family.


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Why train your dog? 

Dogs feel most secure when they are part of a group or pack led by trusted leaders.  My effective method of dog training will show you how to provide the structure your dog needs so he will be calm, happy, and attentive to his family, looking to people for guidance and direction. 

Training takes place in your home, focusing on your specific needs.  You will be happily surprised to see how quickly your dog's unwanted behaviors change when you are guided by an expert dog trainer! 

Why specialized training for families with children? 

My goal is to give you a calm, attentive family pet who gets along well with everyone in the family, including your children.  As I show you how to change your dog's unwanted behaviors, I also help parents teach their children safe behavior around dogs. 

Including children in dog training helps foster positive dog-child relationships.  And children who are taught safe behavior around dogs are much less likely to be bitten.




Dogs bite almost half a million people in the United States each year. Young children make up 60% of bite victims and are most likely to be bitten on the face, neck and head, often requiring significant medical attention. In children under the age of four, 90% of dog bites occur in the family home.

1,000 people a day are treated in hospital emergency rooms for dog bite injuries, at an annual cost of $1 billion dollars; 77% of biting dogs belong to the victim's family or friends. Dog are biting their own families!

(For a comprehensive list of dog bite statistics, see www.dogbitelaw.com and www.cdc.gov.)